Privacy Policy

The SOLAR Lab and UMass Amherst are committed to preserving and maintaining the privacy of visitors to its Web sites.

When you access the SOLAR web page and all pages within the site, identified as, your visit is not tracked by individual name or any other identifiable mark.

  • Some computer information and automatic and optional information is collected. Automatic information includes:
  • Client information: the Internet domain and Internet address of the computer you are using.
  • Essential technical information: identification of the page or service you are requesting, type of browser and operating system you are using; and the date and time of access.
Optional information is collected only if you choose to send it. For example if you choose to complete an online form, make an online purchase, or send an e-mail. This may include:
  • The time that you sent an e-mail
  • Your name, e-mail address, and the content of your e-mail.
  • All the data you choose to fill in or confirm, including credit or debit card information if you are making a payment (e.g., to register for a technical workshop whose site is hosted on the SOLAR server) as well as information you fill in prior to downloading research software made available by our research group.